What is RaffleHou.se?

RaffleHou.se is the planned successor for TF2Raffle House. It will be an open platform for Steam item giveaways and maybe more in the future.

Why does TF2Raffle House need replacing?

Over time we've found that the current site just isn't performing to what we want it to do, the original design, code and infrastructure just doesn't meet our and the communities needs.

It causes more problems than it solves basically. This is why we're undergoing a complete remodel of the site, wipe the slate clean essentially.

Why the whole rename?

RaffleHou.se is planned to support more than what TF2Raffle House currently does (which should be clear by its name is that it only supports TF2).
We want to make the name more universal so we can open up and explore more without having to restrict ourselves to one platform or have to make multiple sites for different games and platforms.
(TF2outpost comes as an example of this eg. csgoutpost dotaoutpost etc etc etc)

So what can I expect from the site when its done?

RaffleHou.se initally will support raffle based giveaways for game items from TF2, CS:GO, Dota2 and Portal 2. It will also support your Steam inventory meaning you can giveaway things like backgrounds, emotes and gifts. We do have other features planned but these wont be seen on site launch, they might not even come to exist at all, just depends how we feel about them.

I'm currently a donator/custom rank user on TF2Raffle House, will my stuff be moved over?

Site donators and custom ranks will be converted over, the whole rank and donation system is changing though so some things might be different.

When is it coming?

When its done.

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